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Setting up a game console on a boat may seem mysterious, but it isn’t as complicated as it seems. Most boats use 12 volt power, just like a car so the setup is very similar. 12 volt waterproof monitors are available that can serve as the display. These get installed similar to car audio and video. The yellow wire runs to the battery while the red wire goes to the ignition. The black wire is ground.

The console itself is not going to run on 12 volt power so you will need some kind of inverter. They are readily available from electronics stores. The console plugs into the inverter and the inverter is connected to the boat electrical system. For audio, you will typically need to connect the audio outputs from the console to a marine stereo installed on the boat. You can see a wide variety of marine stereos and waterproof speakers on this site: Many waterproof stereos have RCA input jacks on the back so you can use a standard RCA cable to patch the audio from the game console to the stereo.

There you have it. Audio and video and the console all set up. Now you can play all your favorite sports games during a leisurely cruise!

This video reveals a huge glitch in Madden 25 that allows you to put points on the board every time you have the ball. While that might seem fun for some, it can get boring pretty fast for others. Hopefully EA sports will fix this, but you never know. It also shows some excellent defensive plays and blitzes that work almost every time.

Here is our list of the top things in Madden that need to be changed. EA are you listening?

Better Commentary Is it too much to ask to get a little more variety in the commentary during the games? It seems like the commentary was recorded in about 15 minutes and we end up hearing the same thing over and over again. Mix it up a little more!

Eliminate Passing Beyond The Line Of Scrimmage In real football a QB can step past the line of scrimmage and throw the ball, resulting in a penalty. Unfortunately, in Madden it isn’t as easy as it sounds to simulate that. Passing controls are tied to the running controls and it presents a whole host of problems. Let’s just do away with that one.

Bring Back Online Tournaments Yes, we know that official sponsored tournaments still exist, but remember the good old days when you could set up a tournament with your pals?

Bring Back Spectator Mode The ability to stream online matches so that others can watch is sorely missing here.

Quit Game Problems There has to be a better way to avoid this issue when a player quits during the middle of an online match.

Avoid Sack Something needs to be added where a QB can avoid taking a big hit by getting down.

This video has some great tips for Wii Sports. Did you know that you can bowl along the top of the barrier and it will give you a strike every time? It is a bit tricky finding the alignment, but when you do, woo hoo! You can also pitch underhanded in baseball as if you were playing fast pitch softball. You just need the right key sequence. While playing tennis you can get a blue tennis court instead of the traditional green. Check out the video for more fun tips for Wii Sports. ranked their top ten sports games for hand held Apple devices and we thought it was worth posting here. Check out the list below:

Flick Golf Extreme! This is definitely the most addictive golf game out there. Play is very simple and the environments are fun and fanciful. You can tee off from the Grand Canyon, an iceberg or even from a fighter jet! Or maybe you would prefer to play on the tops of skyscrapers, an oil rig or an aircraft carrier! Just flick the ball and try to hit the hole!

NBA JAM All 30 teams and all your favorite stars are available in this classic. You can also play with legents like Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman and more. Lots of outrageous cheats are available too!

Homerun Battle 3D A simply great baseball simulation

9 innings Pro Baseball 2011 Simple play, 30 teams, stats, players and everything you would expect from major league baseball!

Flick Soccer! Simple game play means you can pick it up and get addicted quickly! But there are lots of challenging modes to keep you at it for a long time.

Tiger Woods PGA TOURĀ® 12 Play in solo mode, head to head or PGA tour mode to see where your skills will take you. Unlock special prizes and share your achievements with your friends

Pro Baseball Catcher Part of the Pro Sports Collection from Neon Play Ltd. Addictive gameplay. Use your finger to line up your glove and make a perfect catch off of that pitch!

Flick Golf! Similar to FLick Golf Extreme above, but with more traditional golfing landscapes

Pro Football Touchdown Hone your pass catching skills with this addictive football games

Flick Kick Field Goal Do you have what it takes to make the game winning kick under pressure?