Setting up a game console on a boat may seem mysterious, but it isn’t as complicated as it seems. Most boats use 12 volt power, just like a car so the setup is very similar. 12 volt waterproof monitors are available that can serve as the display. These get installed similar to car audio and video. The yellow wire runs to the battery while the red wire goes to the ignition. The black wire is ground.

The console itself is not going to run on 12 volt power so you will need some kind of inverter. They are readily available from electronics stores. The console plugs into the inverter and the inverter is connected to the boat electrical system. For audio, you will typically need to connect the audio outputs from the console to a marine stereo installed on the boat. You can see a wide variety of marine stereos and waterproof speakers on this site: Many waterproof stereos have RCA input jacks on the back so you can use a standard RCA cable to patch the audio from the game console to the stereo.

There you have it. Audio and video and the console all set up. Now you can play all your favorite sports games during a leisurely cruise!